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This Charlotte Bakery takes cookies as seriously as its homespun baked goods.


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They didnt have the cookie that I wanted so they substituted for another and took the price of that cookie off my order. Professional! Will certainly order again


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Excellent cookies. The chocolate chip could have used a few more chocolate chips but otherwise the quality was top notch.

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Delivery: 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM
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As its name suggests, this Charlotte Bakery takes cookies as seriously as its homespun baked goods and coffee. Hand Iced Cookies are custom made and carefully decorated. The house coffee is made with two shots of espresso and fresh spring water. Friendly Owners and employees greet you with a smile, and the coffee bar serves some of the best coffee in Charlotte. Three inch round personal "Bouji" cheesecakes topped with a flavorful cream are colorfully decorated and come in decadent flavors that include Mudslide Cream, Banana Pudding Cream, Orange Creamsicle, Key lime Cream or Cookies and Cream. Other coffee-pairing options range from delicious breakfast breads to scrumptious Pound Cakes and delightful pastries. Kais Kookies and More Bakery was started by Patrick and Tracy Watkins the proud parents of Kai, their daughter and Aiden their son. Kai the namesake of the business had to be revived at birth during a difficult delivery and was soon diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy a condition caused by damage to the parts of the brain that control movement, balance, and posture. Kais parents were told that their daughter may never speak, see or walk. Patrick and Tracy both former Engineers chose to embark on the journey of opening a Bakery in a shopping center close to their home during the declining recession of mid 2s. After opening in the summer of 211 the Watkins had to overcome the many hardships of operating a new business with limited to no income and getting their customers to overcome the impression that they were not located in a convenient location. Not having experience running a retail Bakery the Watkins relied on friends, family and former customers of Tracys home based business. Patrick began baking and developing recipes and started marketing their baked goods to local delis and restaurants and to the surrounding neighborhoods. Soon word begin to spread of the one of a kind treats they offered and the beautiful sweet creations made in the small shop. Soon after opening, the Bakery was broken into and most of the equipment was stolen along with some of the inventory. The Watkins decided to push through this setback and expanded their hours to midnight, opening on Mondays and delivering sweets thru out the Charlotte Region. They also begin to position their small shop by marketing extensively thru social media, local newsprint and on the internet. Today Kais Kookies and More Bakery has positioned itself as one of Charlottes best kept secrets. With its presence in the Steele Creek community at the Charlotte Premium Outlets and a second location in the University Area. Kais Kookies continues its tradition of scratch made hand crafted desserts that are shipped across the U. S. With orders coming in daily from as far away as Europe, India and Mexico. Many people visiting Charlotte have made a special trip to the Bakery to sample a taste of its products or carry some home. And Kais has recently been voted as the 9th best cupcake shop on the East Coast by Not a small task in the four years since its opening in 211 by the two budding entrepreneurs. Must-Try Items: The Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownie, a triple chocolate brownie with chocolate chips, scratched made red velvet cake and scratch made cheesecake swirled together. Banana Pudding Cheesecake, a Banana infused cheesecake with a Banana Pudding Cream Topping on a vanilla wafer cookie crust.